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Quality and Hygienic Lake Mountain Snow Gear for Hire

When you plan a trip to Lake Mountain, our snow gear for hire will help to make your day enjoyable. You can kit out the whole family with pants, jackets, gloves and boots and be ready to take to the mountain with our skis and poles or toboggans.

Related Services We Provide to Lake Mountain Snow Gear Rental

Our staff are long term locals who have knowledge of the surrounding area and can help you with additional services such as:

  • Chain Hire: When certain weather conditions require you to have chains on your tyres, our experienced team will fit your car with our diamond pattern chains for hire. Our staff will give you a demonstration on these easy to fit chains which will allow more traction and stopping power than a ladder design.
  • Summer gear: We are open all year round and can provide you with local knowledge and summer gear. You can enjoy our winter services for Lake mountain with our ski gear online for hire and then come back to see our friendly staff in the summer for your bushwalking and camping gear. The same employee who meets you at the door will take care of all your requirements.
  • Snowshoes: If you want to take a break from skiing then we have quality MSR snowshoes to make getting around easier. Our store has sizes for the whole family, including kids snowshoes for hire.

Benefits of Our Online Ski Hire for Lake Mountain

Consider these benefits of hiring your ski gear online.

  • You will save money: You will receive a 15% discount when you book your ski gear online. This is an ideal way of planning your trip and to know exactly how much the gear will cost. You will save when you hire equipment for subsequent days, meaning you may be able to afford an extra day skiing.
  • You exactly what you are getting: There will be no stress driving into our large carpark wondering if we have everything you need. We display our price list with all our products, and we have package deals to help you save even more on cost.
  • You won’t need to wait in line: We have a large number of staff available to help you get your order sorted so you won’t be waiting in long queues. Your list of gear from your online order will also be readily available to ensure that you don’t forget anything in your eagerness to get up the mountain.

Tips for Planning Ski Gear Hire for Lake Mountain

Think about these tips when planning your gear hire for Lake Mountain.

  • Toboggan hire for kids: If you’re taking the kids skiing up Lake Mountain then get a toboggan hire as a fun and additional activity. We have toboggans in eight bright colours that will help you to break up the day with a fresh and new adventure that is sure to keep the kids happy and entertained.
  • Hire new gear: We provide a wide range of new gear and accessories that are checked and washed after each customer to ensure that it is in the best condition. This excellent service means that your equipment is comfortable and safe to use.
  • Make sure you fitting boots: You want to make sure that you try on your gear and boots. Save yourself from a day of discomfort when you take the time in the store to get the right size and fit of ski boots, jacket and pants. Our staff will help to guide you into the perfect fitting gear.

Why Use Mystic Mountains Ski Hire & Outdoors?

We have a large number of friendly staff available to help you get the right gear for your trip to Lake Mountain. Our quality gear comes at competitive prices, and you can save when you order online. We are conveniently located 1 km before the turn off to Lake Mountain with plenty of parking available for gear pick up and drop off. Contact us today to hire ski gear before you hit the slopes.