1280x200-Ski trails (from https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Ski_trails.jpg)

We only hire diamond-pattern chains. These are far safer than ladder-pattern chains. Ladder-pattern chains do not prevent your car sliding sideways, whereas diamond-pattern chains do. We reason that if we don't think that ladder-pattern chains are safe enough on our own cars, why would we hire them out to our customers?

We always give you a demonstration of how to fit chains. You are welcome to practice on the demonstration wheel before you leave the shop.

And contrary to some rumours, diamond pattern chains are not difficult to fit. If anything, they're easier than ladder chains.

In winter, chains are only ever required on two wheel drive cars for Lake Mountain. 4WD and AWD cars are exempt from carrying chains. Based on the weather forecast, Lake Mountain Alpine Resort declare which days chains will be required. We post this information on our main board, so that it can be seen from the highway. Or you can come in and ask us, or phone us on (03) 5963 7029 if you wish to enquire.

If you are wanting to hire for more than one day, we are happy for you to take the chains regardless of whether we think they'll be required. When you return them, we refund you for any days they weren't required.

We also sell diamond-pattern chains, new and second-hand, and do trade-ins on all Rud and Konig chains in good and clean condition.