1280x200-Ski trails (from https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Ski_trails.jpg)

Many people unfamiliar with the snow ask us what they should wear to the snow.

The secret is 'layering'. Wear as many layers as you think you may need and take off a layer at a time, if you are too hot.

The base layer next to your skin, will ideally consist of polypropylene or merino wool thermal top and bottom. If you wish, you can purchase these garments from us - $25 for kids polypro garments,  and $30 for adults. $80 per garment for merino thermals.

The mid layers.  If you can, avoid cotton.  As much as possible wear wool or synthetics (especially polyester fleece). Tracksuit pants, although not ideal, are much better than jeans.

The outer layer. This is the waterproof layer. If you get wet, you will be cold, so exclude the wind and snow (or rain) with good waterproof jacket and pants. Insulated jacket and pants gives that waterproofing as well as providing some warmth. You can hire this outer layer from us - either insulated or non-insulated, or browse through our retail racks if you wish to buy.

Footwear.  Warm, waterproof, good grip.  Avoid sneakers and ugg boots. Our hire boots are the perfect solution, or you're welcome to buy from our extensive range.

Gloves. Waterproof and warm gloves are an absolute essential.  Knitted gloves don't work in the snow. We sell gloves from $20 and children's mittens from $15.  If you don't wish to purchase, consider hiring them from us for just $5.  Or if you're after top quality gloves, we sell goretex gloves and mittens for less than $60.

Hats & eye protection.  Most days you will need a warm beanie to stop too much heat escape through your head. The beanie should cover your ears.  We have a large range of beanies for sale at all price points.  We also have head bands which often suffice on warm spring days.  Remember to bring sunscreen and sunglasses for all the family. The sun is very glary in the snow, even more so than at the beach. Sunglasses will protect your eyes against stinging snow or rain.  Goggles are also ideal in inclement weather especially in blizzard conditions, but generally, sunglasses will suffice, If you wish, you may purchase very affordable sunglasses and goggles from us.